One of the decisions you’ll need to make before having a residential tree removal specialist cut down your tree is whether to remove the stump as well or not. Here are some of the reasons why you need to remove the tree stumps in your yard.

Curb Appeal

If you’ve been to a home or property that’s full of tree stumps, you know that they are never appealing. They aren’t just pretty and you know it. Whether you choose to remove it by yourself or hire a residential tree service, understand that removing a tree stump from your yard is worth it as it improves the curb appeal of your property.

Property value

The fact that tree stumps are unsightly means that they are most likely to lower your property value. Just think about it. You have a potential buyer and he or she walks away or demands a price lower than what you want simply because of your unsightly yard. Everyone wants a yard that’s blooming with well-maintained trees.


Kids love playing and running up and down in the yard. The presence of a tree stump can be hazardous since you or your children can trip over it while running or even walking around. You don’t want to watch your child get injured when there’s something you can do about it. Simply get rid of the tree stump.

Pests and diseases

A tree stump will take more than a year to rot away completely. Did you know that a decaying tree attracts pests such as termites, beetles, ants and other wood-boring insects? Soon you’ll start wondering why there’s so much of these pests in your home. Note that they are also vulnerable to disease.

New Growth

If you’ve had a tree stump in your property, chances are you’ve witnessed new sprouts which resulted in many small trees around the stump. Not only is this unsightly but it could cost you more when it comes to removing them since they’ll have established new roots.

Yard Space

You don’t have to waste your yard space to tree stumps when you can plant new trees and make it look more beautiful. Probably you don’t even have a large yard yet you seem not to care about those tree stumps. You can save on the space taken by the stump and use it for a flowerbed, a garden space or even a picnic table.

Despite the fact that you might spend a few more dollars to remove or grind down the tree stumps in your yard, it’s well worth it.


Plant maintenance is one of the things we often over-look as homeowners. There are many benefits that come with well-maintained trees including proper plant growth and improved appearance. Tree pruning and pruning are an important part of your tree maintenance program and shouldn’t be ignored for whatever reason.

There’s a difference between tree pruning and tree trimming though most people think the two are the same. Tree pruning usually involves getting rid of dead, lose or diseased tree branches or stems while tree trimming involves cutting back any overgrown sections of your tree. Here are some of the benefits of regular tree trimming and pruning.

Safety of your property

The most obvious benefit of pruning and trimming your trees is protection and safety of your property. The presence of decaying or diseased branches in your property can be a hazard to your property. Trimming and pruning helps you to eliminate the danger of falling limbs and branches thus ensuring the safety of your property and those around.

Pest and insect control

Tree pruning and trimming helps you to manage pests and diseases thereby preventing them from spreading. Failure to control pests on your property can result in serious problems. Tree pests like tend worms start by building a nest in the trees before infesting other areas including the surrounding foliage.

Although these pests may not really destroy the surrounding plants, they will spread diseases which will weaken the tree branches and may cause them to fall. Now, if the trees are close to your property these pests will end up infesting every corner of your home and even attract other unwanted pests.

Proper plant growth

Trees require proper maintenance for optimum growth. If you want to improve your tree’s health and make it stronger, pruning and trimming is inevitable. Structurally pruning your trees when they are still younger allows them to grow in the right shape. Pruning removes any deal or diseased sections thereby preventing the infection from spreading to other healthy parts of the plant. Thanks to The City Arborist (Tree Pruning Greenville SC) for help with the article.