Plant maintenance is one of the things we often over-look as homeowners. There are many benefits that come with well-maintained trees including proper plant growth and improved appearance. Tree pruning and pruning are an important part of your tree maintenance program and shouldn’t be ignored for whatever reason.

There’s a difference between tree pruning and tree trimming though most people think the two are the same. Tree pruning usually involves getting rid of dead, lose or diseased tree branches or stems while tree trimming involves cutting back any overgrown sections of your tree. Here are some of the benefits of regular tree trimming and pruning.

Safety of your property

The most obvious benefit of pruning and trimming your trees is protection and safety of your property. The presence of decaying or diseased branches in your property can be a hazard to your property. Trimming and pruning helps you to eliminate the danger of falling limbs and branches thus ensuring the safety of your property and those around.

Pest and insect control

Tree pruning and trimming helps you to manage pests and diseases thereby preventing them from spreading. Failure to control pests on your property can result in serious problems. Tree pests like tend worms start by building a nest in the trees before infesting other areas including the surrounding foliage.

Although these pests may not really destroy the surrounding plants, they will spread diseases which will weaken the tree branches and may cause them to fall. Now, if the trees are close to your property these pests will end up infesting every corner of your home and even attract other unwanted pests.

Proper plant growth

Trees require proper maintenance for optimum growth. If you want to improve your tree’s health and make it stronger, pruning and trimming is inevitable. Structurally pruning your trees when they are still younger allows them to grow in the right shape. Pruning removes any deal or diseased sections thereby preventing the infection from spreading to other healthy parts of the plant. Thanks to The City Arborist (Tree Pruning Greenville SC) for help with the article.

Aleena Martin